Image of Charles I - giving orders.
Charles I giving orders during his Civil War campaign

This means war!

The seventeenth century was a turbulent and rebellious time.

Would you have led England into a civil war? How might you have felt if war and destruction came to your home town? How would you guide a visitor around seventeenth-century Lichfield?

Discover the answers to these questions and more, either on your own, or as a class, through the activities offered here.

  • Try out the Charles I decision-making game - will you lose your head?
  • Write and perform a radio play based on the historical and fictional characters you will find out about here.
  • Produce a tourist leaflet or audio guide telling visitors about the buildings that still remain from the time of the Civil War, using the maps on this site.

Students - please use the links at either the top or bottom of the page.

Teachers - please refer to the Content Guide at the bottom of the page for an overview of the site content and how you can use it. The other links take you to the various resources available to you.


Content Guide
Introductory text
Power Point presentation on Charles I
The three sieges of Lichfield Power Point presentation
Lord Brooke Obituary Template
Information sheets for a rolling news programme
Map of Lichfield in the Civil War
Sources from Staffordshire Record Office

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1 - Charles I - try the decision making game
2 - Sieges of Lichfield - create a radio play
3 - Lord Brooke - read first hand accounts of his death
4 - Local People - carry out role play interviews
5 - Local Heritage - create a heritage trail for Lichfield
6 - Sources - examine online copies of original documents

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