Lichfield and the Civil War
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Map of Lichfield
by John Speed.
A modern map showing an interpretation of Lichfield at the time of the Civil War.

Local Heritage - historical Lichfield

Think about present day Lichfield as a place of historical interest. Here you will find maps and information relating to Lichfield and the Civil War, as well as a recreation of the Lichfield landscape to help you with your task of producing a Lichfield Civil War heritage trail.
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Create a heritage trail of Lichfield that points out places and events of importance during the Civil War. You might want to produce an A4 leaflet, a website, or a display board to present your heritage trail information. You may also want to download the maps of Lichfield and a list of Lichfield Civil War monuments to help you complete this task.

Map of Lichfield by John Speed

Modern map showing an interpretation of Lichfield at the time of the Civil War

HER monuments list

The buildings on the Historic Environment Record (HER) monument list for the Civil War are buildings or sites which have been identified as existing today, and which were also there at the time of the Civil War, though there may have been later additions or significant changes.

The modern map of Lichfield is provided courtesy of Staffordshire Historic Environment Record.
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