Lichfield and the Civil War
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A description of the Bishop's Palace of Lichfield
( Staffordshire Record Office: D547/1/106-110)
A report given at the Quarter Sessions held at Stafford in 1656
( Staffordshire Record Office: Q/SR 295 1656)

Historical Sources - examine copies of original documents online

This section provides copies of original documents relating to the after-effect of the Civil War in Staffordshire. Try to read these documents, or if you find it difficult use the cribs (typed copies) of the documents. How can these documents help you with your research?
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Examine the copies of original documents that relate to the Civil War in Lichfield. If you have difficulty reading the documents it is easier to read the transcripts (crib sheets) by clicking on the approprite link under each image.

Read the document describing the Bishop's Palace of Lichfield.

How much damage was done to the Palace?

Do you think the damage is related to looting?

Read the report given at the Quarter Sessions held at Stafford in 1656.

Is this source a reliable source for the history of the period?

What does this document tell us about tensions in society during this period?


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